Ryuhei Kitazume | VHS MAG | Rec All Day

Ryuhei Kitazume is one of our JSLV Japan riders, he came to California for a month and got some skate sessions in as well as dropped by the office and hung out with the crew. He has made some videos of his time spent here and has them in parts on VHS MAG’s website and calls his videos “Rec All Day”. While out in Long Beach Ryuhei came through the JSLV office  and got to meet some of the JSLV crew and hit Cherry Park after. On some of the other episodes you get to see what he got into while he was here. In the other episodes he was able to hand with some of the other Jus Liv skate family like Jamie Palmore and Kellen James. Below is the last episode were he stopped by the office. Check them all out and give Ryuhei (@Ryuhei_Kitazume) a follow and see what he’s up to in Japan. Much love Ryuhei for cruising in and hanging with the squad.